Ulises Alarcon

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Welcome, My name is Ulises Alarcon - Photographer, and Fine Art Oil  Painter originally from Guatemala. In 1982 my family decided to move here to Wisconsin with an opportunity in hand. I studied hard, excelling in art which later brought many awards and recognition. Later in 1985 I became partners with my brother and his family to open three successful restaurants in Waukesha County.


     As a diverse photographer, I specialized in on-location, lifestyle-oriented photography services, using natural light as much as possible. My goal is to capture the moment, the essence of your loved ones and the bond you share. I specialize in Wedding, Family, Commercial, Fashion, Fine Art Photography, Landscape, and Pets.

     As a Surreal Oil Painter I always challenge myself to create and express what I feel. I always make sure to use the best oils and best methods to prolong life to my work. I have been painting since 1984.

     I believe photographs are a way to Capture The Moment, that reflect that precious period of time in your life.

Who sees the human face correctly:

the photographer,

the mirror,

or the painter?

Pablo Picasso


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